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Personal Tax Checklist - 2017

This checklist is designed to provide the information we require to complete your personal tax return and will assist us in updating our records if your details have changed during the year.

Please submit this checklist together with all relevant documentation and we will contact you in relation to the preparation of your Tax Return.

Personal Details

Name Email
Residential Address Postal Address (if different to Postal)
Phone Mobile
Fax           Marital Status:
Correspondence Preference: Occupation:
Bank Details:
Account Name:           

BSB: Account Number:

Spouse Details
(if applicable)
Name TFN
DOB Taxable Income $
Name/s of Dependants DOB

INCOME – Please provide evidence

Salary or wages
Yes No
Allowances, earnings, tips, director's fees etc
Yes No
Employer lump sum payments
Yes No
Employment termination payments
Yes No
Australian Government allowance and payments like Newstart, Youth Allowance Yes No
Australian Government pensions and allowances Yes No
Australian annuities and superannuation income streams Yes No
Australian superannuation lump sum payments
Yes No
Attributed personal services income
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Employee share schemes
Yes No
Distributions from partnerships and/or trusts
Yes No
Personal services income (PSI) Yes No
Net income or loss from business
Yes No
Deferred non-commercial business losses Yes No
Net farm management deposits or withdrawals
Yes No
Capital gains
Yes No
Foreign source salary and income (including foreign pensions) and foreign assets or property
Yes No
Rental Income and Deductions Yes No
Bonuses from life insurance companies or friendly societies
Yes No
Forestry manager investment scheme income
Yes No
Other income (please provide details
Yes No

DEDUCTIONS – Please provide evidence

Work related expenses Yes No
Work related car expenses
Yes No
Work related travel expenses Yes No
Work related uniform and other clothing expenses
Yes No
Work related self-education expenses
Yes No
Other work related expenses
Yes No
Home Office Expenses Yes No
Computer and Software
Yes No
Telephone/mobile phone
Yes No
Tools and equipment
Yes No
Subscriptions and Union Fees
Yes No
Yes No
Seminars and courses not at an educational institution
Yes No
Any other work deductions (please provide details)
Yes No
 Other types of deductions  
Interest and Dividend deductions
Yes No
Gifts and Donations
Yes No
Cost of managing tax affairs
Yes No
Personal Superannuation contributions Yes No
Other deductions (please provide details)
Yes No
Tax offsets/rebates  
Did you have private health insurance in 2017?
Yes No
(If yes, please attach statement with details of dependants covered)

Claiming Net Medical Expenses - the ATO has now phased out the medical expenses offset for anything other than expenses listed below.

Did you have net medical expenses relating to disability aids, attendant care (for a person with a disability) and/or aged care?

Yes No
Did you receive an Australian superannuation income stream?
Yes No
Did you make superannuation contributions on behalf of your spouse?
Yes No
Did you maintain a dependent relative? Yes No
Did you live in a remote area of Australian or service overseas with the Australian defence force or the UN armed forces in 2017?
Yes No

Other relevant information
Are you entitled to the Medicare levy exemption or reduction in 2017?
(If yes, please provide details)

Yes No
Did you make a non-deductible (non-concessional) personal super contribution?
Yes No
Did you have a spouse at any time during the 2017 income tax year?
Yes No
Did you receive any benefit from an employee share acquisition scheme?
Yes No
Income tests information  
Did you receive any tax-free government pensions in 2017?
Yes No
Did you pay child support in 2017?
Yes No

Additional Comments:

Please attach and upload supporting documents here:

Supporting Documents

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