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Change is the only constant in life

"Change is the only constant in Life" Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)

Sometimes we become so comfortable with the routine of our lives we forget there could be a better way, or a better routine to follow.  Something which may suit us better, but how will we know if we don't make the first move to step out of our comfortable existence.

Change is sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, often unexpected, not always good, but eternally inevitable.

And so, it seems, change has arrived for us here at Maxwell & Cameron.

Our change is not at all scary, very exciting, somewhat unexpected, very good and eventually inevitable.

Jenny and I have decided, for various reasons and after much thought and consideration, to sell our ownership interest in our practice.  

Jenny and Barry have two beautiful grandsons now, and her focus is very much on creating some valuable leisure time to spend with her grandsons, who are growing so quickly, as they all do.

Raymond and I are also empty nesters now, and while we don't have grandchildren (not for a little while yet) we do have the travel bug, and our focus is on freeing up some time to allow us to hit the road with our little caravan and see some more of what this beautiful big country of ours has to offer.

Therefore, Jenny and I would like to introduce you to the new owners of Maxwell & Cameron.  From the afternoon of Thursday 1 July 2020, Angela Ross, and Karlie Offord, will be the new owners of our business.

Many of you will know Angela and Karlie already, as they have been with us since 2007 and 2003, respectively.  Together they have over 30 years' experience in Public Practice.

We are very happy Angela and Karlie will be taking over from us as we have taught them well!  They both have our work ethic, our work standards, and our overarching desire to do the very best we can for our clients.

Angela and Karlie have very high standards of professionalism and we are confident they have the ability and knowledge to continue to run the practice as Jenny and I have together since 2006.

That said, Jenny and I will still be familiar faces around Maxwell & Cameron, as we have agreed with Angela and Karlie that we will continue to work for them, although with hours reduced to four days a week.

Instead of seeing us in the front offices, we will be "down the back", but will continue to look after our clients as we have always done.  We are keen to continue doing the work we enjoy, after passing the "trials and tribulations of business ownership", and perhaps a little stress, on to the new owners.

While both Jenny and I intend to continue working for Maxwell & Cameron from the MaxCam offices in High Street at least into the foreseeable future, with advances in technology, we can continue to work no matter where we are, whether in a comfortable office chair at home, or on a camp chair by the beach somewhere!

It will very much be business as usual at Maxwell & Cameron, with everything else remaining the same until Angela and Karlie begin to put their individual, fresh ideas into place to see Maxwell & Cameron continue on for the next 21 years!

We are excited about this change, as are Angela and Karlie, and we hope you will continue to support them in their endeavours as you, our wonderful clients, have supported Jenny and I over the last 17 years, some of you even since 1988 when I first joined the Maxwell Geldard & Co team!

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