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Important message from Accounts Hosted

As the end of financial year fast approaches, it's important you are aware it's the users' responsibility to back-up Accounts Hosted company files.

Why? One of the main benefits of Accounts Hosted is that businesses can access their desktop accounting software via the cloud and still retain the ability to download and save files locally. Allowing you to control your file also means you are in control of backing-up your file and are doing this regularly to avoid the loss of any financial records.

Backing-up is simple! Just click on File, Save Copy or Backup, Backup copy, Local backup, Finish, Ok to back up to B:\, click on the download icon (blue icon top right of your screen), you can now select where you wish to save your file i.e. on your hard drive or USB.

Best Practices

Regular Backups

Backups are important insurance if you lose data for any reason and need to recover it quickly. It should be performed at least once a day, and before and after large blocks of data is entered. For example, a backup should be created after completing a pay run and before you upgrade to a newer Accounts Hosted release.

Storing Backups

Download your backups from your B drive on Accounts Hosted to your local computer regularly so you will always have it with you.

Clearing Cache

As Accounts Hosted runs through the browser, it's recommended to clear cache on a regular basis. If you notice any difference in your experience, this is the first point of call. Read more on how to clear cache on the Reckon Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Reckon Accounts backup?

A backup is a compressed file containing everything you need to recreate your Reckon Accounts company file. Use a backup file to safeguard your Reckon Accounts files against accidental data loss.

What is the difference between a QBB backup and a QBM portable backup?

Both QBB and QBM files in your (B) drive back up your Reckon Accounts company file. A QBB backup is a compressed version of your Reckon Accounts company file. A QBM portable backup is a compact version of a company file. QBMs are small enough to be emailed or saved onto a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive. This makes QBMs far more practical when transferring files to new locations.

What will happen if I don't back up my data file?

If your file was ever to become unusable, you will risk losing your financial records.

Can I retrieve my file from Reckon if I delete it from my B drive?

No, once a file is deleted it is no longer available. Backups completed by Reckon are for disaster recovery purposes only and cannot restore individual files.

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