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It comes as no surprise to our business owners when we say running a business is a very time consuming task. We all tend to spend so much time with day to day operations, keeping customers happy, attending to work scheduling, organising employee issues and rosters etc, we end up spending all our time working in the business, not on the business.

It is easy to get so tied up in these tasks and very important issues like 'cashflow' can slip a little (or heaven forbid, a lot!). You know your business is doing well, you are as busy as ever, but you can't understand why you sometimes have trouble finding the cash to pay suppliers or employees?

Many times our clients have asked us "where did all the money go"? Knowledge is power and identifying any potential cashflow issue before it gets out of hand may well help to save your business.
At Maxwell & Cameron we prepare a report as part of our end of year financial statements package to illustrate the cash inflow and outflows of your business for the financial year. This report, aptly named 'Show Me The Money', provides a basic summary of how cash derived from business profits has been used during the year.

As crazy as it sounds, without adequate monitoring a profitable business can still run out of cash.

Do you use business profits to buy new equipment, allow your customers extended credit terms or buy extra stock on hand? Each of these items will use up your business' cash but will not appear in the Profit & Loss Statement. Our 'Show Me The Money' report will highlight these trends for you.

Maxwell & Cameron can also prepare more detailed Cashflow statements which break cash inflows and outflows into three different sections:

• Operating cashflow - everyday running of your business
• Investment cashflow – investment in assets etc within the business
• Financing cashflow – flows of cash between business and its owners and creditors

Cashflow analysis can often be the ultimate measure of how a business is doing. This not only makes cashflow vital for people in their own businesses, but it is also a vital indicator for investors looking to invest in other companies. Investors can see if a particular business is likely to be a good (or bad) investment based on the cashflow derived from profits.

Maxwell and Cameron are ideally suited to preparing cashflow analysis for our clients. We know your business, will get to know new businesses, and can prepare Show Me The Money or full Cashflow statements.

Contact us today and we can help you get your business back on track, revive cashflow and eventually allow you to be able to take your well-earned profits out of the business as and when you want to.

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