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Exciting Announcement – Launch of Maxwell & Cameron Super Vision Pty Ltd

We are extremely excited to introduce our new company to you.

To date our Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) services have been mainly structured to provide administration and accounting services to our clients. This is largely a compliance service to ensure your fund is established correctly and meets all the legal requirements.

However, due to Government regulatory changes over the last few years, accountants are now required to be licensed to provide certain SMSF advice.

The introduction of this new legislation is in response to recent financial advice debacles such as occurred with Storm Financial Group.  As part of the regulatory change we were required to either hold an Australian Financial Services License ourselves or we could choose to become an authorised representative with another license holder.

After extensive research into various options available to us, we have chosen to affiliate ourselves with SMSF Advice, a leading licensee in the market.

Our licensee, SMSF Advice, is a subsidiary of the AMP Group and in partnering with them we are able to draw on their extensive and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry. We can leverage a wide range of plans, tools and training to ensure we deliver the best possible advice to you in the most efficient way.

Becoming licensed in this way enables us to improve our services to you, and allows us to provide these services within the guidelines of the new laws which have been introduced to ensure any advisor giving financial advice, which includes advice relating to superannuation funds, is properly licensed to do so.

We can continue to provide all of our current services, and can also be more pro-active and identify and act upon opportunities to maximise your SMSFs potential.

Our decision to become fully licensed as an authorised representative essentially means we now have a wider range of services we can offer you and we can ensure you get the very most out of your SMSF.

We have included a table of how our services will be structured in future. You might notice some services previously provided by our accounting business have moved across to the advice area. This enables us to provide more comprehensive advice and ensures we are compliant with relevant legal requirements.

Our new service structure is as follows:

  Maintenance of trustee and member records  Transition to retirement strategies
 Monitor compliance with trust deed  Re-contribution strategies
 Monitor compliance with legislation  Limited recourse borrowing
 Capital gains tax maintenance  Business real property transfer advice
 Track member account balances and investment valuations
 Dividend process
 Estate planning
 Expense allocation  Advice regarding multiple entities
 Monitor/record binding death benefit nominations  Succession and intergenerational strategies
 Prepare annual returns, tax returns, audit  Retirement projections
 Managing contribution limits  Debt management
 Preparing Notice of Intent to Claim forms  Investment strategy preparation
 Pension limit monitoring  
 In-specie transfers  
Where applicable, we will speak to you in due course in relation to your current SMSF, whether there is a need to make changes to how your fund is operating or if you could benefit from further advice.

Please note there will be no change to Maxwell & Cameron or the accounting or business services we provide.  Maxwell & Cameron Super Vision Pty Ltd is simply an additional entity we are required to have to comply with the licensing provisions, and through which we will provide our superannuation advice.

If you have any questions about our new licensing arrangement or the services we can provide, or would like to make a time to speak directly with us, please contact our office.

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